With the New Year, Brings a Fight for Change!

I am starting my New Year with a fight. I’m not talking about the kind of fight, which involves guns or warfare of any kind, but the kind of fight when you stick up for what you believe to be just and fair. I’m talking about oppressed people voicing their rights. I’m talking about speaking and fighting for your truth until people start listening. How fitting this is, during the month of January, while we celebrate Martin Luther King Junior’s fight for equality.

When people think of oppressed people in our country, the African American’s fight for equality may come to mind or religious freedom for Jews. Women have historically been fighting for rights of equality for several decades. Did you ever give a thought to the fact that Musicians are oppressed people in our society? It may seem strange, but unfortunately (or fortunately as the case may be), I have had the opportunity to experience this recently firsthand.

A government agency recently informed me that I need to pay them over $8,000 for providing services, through my music, without compensation. As crazy as this sounds, this has been happening to me. As if it were not bad enough that professional musicians and artists often give their art away free to organizations and communities, which they feel an affiliation to that they have to pay a government agency in order to provide free services to others; This is something I will not tolerate. In this digital age when music is virtually accessible and free to all, musicians are continually trying to fight to make fair compensation on their Art as it is. Making a livelihood out of music has become more and more difficult if not impossible for many who formerly were able to carve out a career of performing and/or recording.

So when I say I am going to fight, I am not only standing up for my own rights and what I believe to be just, fair and true for me, but for all musicians everywhere. Please support us in our fight to earn a living through what we do best and what makes the world dance, sing, laugh, cry, fall in love, and heal through pain. We have been penalized enough without any need for further penalization.

May this be a happy, healthy and prosperous year for you and your loved one. May 2014 be a year in which not only your dreams come true, but a year you are willing to fight for what you really believe to be true, just and fair.