If You Are Going -Travel Tips For Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia

Twelve Months before you go

  • Decide on your general destination.
  • Begin putting aside money for your trip.

Eight- Eleven Months before you go

  • Call the airline to book your award travel seats. (Be persistent. You may need to call every day for several weeks until seats open up. Stay flexible with your travel plans and be open to different travel options and routes).

Four-Seven months before you go

  • Once your external (International) flights have been booked, you can begin booking your internal flights in order to get the best value.
  • Begin researching and booking your accommodations. (Be sure to read reviews when booking through airbnb or booking.com ).

Two-three months before you go

  • Start looking into booking your day tours.
  • Purchase guide books for the places to which you are traveling. (Yes, you can find a lot through the internet but there will be a lot of places where you don’t have internet and you will be glad that you have them! Lonely Planet guide books are my travel bibles).
  • Begin making your pet and/or house-sitting arrangements.

One month before you go

  • Confirm any special meal arrangements with the airline.
  • Reserve and purchase train or shuttle tickets to the airport.
  • Do any last shopping. (Make sure that you have a suitable bathing suit and light-weight sturdy carry-on suitcase on wheels!).
  • Buy your international phone/computer charger, if you do not already have one.

One week before you go

  • Make sure that all your bills are paid.
  • Transfer money into the checking account connected with the ATM/Debit card that you will be using.
  • Call your credit card companies to report your international travel plans.
  • Stock up on snacks that you can bring on your trip. (In Kind bars pack well for travel).
  • Purchase any last minute personal items that you will need on your trip including sunscreen and insect repellant.
  • Stock-up on pet food.
  • Be sure to have all of your medicine refilled.