Success Comes In Various Forms

Happy Graduation!

I know. Unless you have been recently donning your cap and gown, your response to me might be that you are not graduating from anywhere or anything. I would like to challenge you on the assumption. Think again carefully please. When is the last time that you mastered a new task, overcame an obstacle, or adopted a new way of thinking regarding a difficult situation? Last week? Yesterday? Today?

If you are anything like me (and I honestly think that you are all a little bit like me in some ways), I am learning and accomplishing something new every day. Sometimes, these things seem small like learning the name of a bird that I have never seen before or figuring our new driving directions, but often these things are much more significant-like taking a new perspective of some aspect of life.

I bet that each of you have made some type of step in your growth- either personally and/or professionally- within the last year. Think about that challenging situation you were trying to get through, that goal you wanted to accomplish, that dream vacation you wanted to take, the course you passed, the house you bought, the relationship you began, the book you wrote, the CD you released, the business that you launched, the award you won. Whatever it was, you accomplished it. That, in my opinion, is cause for celebration! So many times, we work so hard on accomplishing our goals that we forget to celebrate or acknowledge our success in reaching them.

So once again, I would like to congratulate you on your graduation! Enjoy your success. I hope that you do.

With love and best wishes always…