October Inspirational People of the Month-Ant Parker and Martin Hargreaves

To coincide with the Inspirational Place of the month October, the Ancient Town of Winchelsea, we are featuring two prestigious children’s book illustrators who reside in Winchelsea as the inspirational people of the month of October. Their famous paintings have inspired children and adults alike worldwide.
Margaret recently had the opportunity to meet again with Ant Parker, the illustrator of Tony Milton’s stories for children. His lively paintings of amiable creatures delights the eyes of all readers. In addition to his talent as an illustrator, Ant also is a freelance artist and a landscape designer and gardener with clients in both London and East Sussex. In addition, Ant is a very amiable fellow with a love and appreciation for old houses and English Medieval history. For further information, please visit www.antparkeraritst.com

Although Margaret did not have the opportunity to meet Martin Hargreaves in person, Margaret did spend time with both his wife Anna and his daughter Rachel, an inspiring flutist (as well as meeting his three horses in the distance!). Martin’a illustrations, which have included versions of the classic novels “Gulliver’s Travels” (Swift), “Little Women” (Alcott) and “Oliver Twist” (Dickens) are world renowned. Margaret has long been familiar with his famous illustrations before meeting his family.
October Person