March for Luck!

There are shamrocks and rainbows in all the shop windows, omens of good luck as we approach the Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. Seeing them remind me of an old adage, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. Coincidently, March is also historically a time of change and growth as we anticipate the change of “In like a lion”  to “out like a lamb”  weather by the end of the month. Somehow, these themes all fit together perfectly.

Change can be invigorating and exciting, but even positive change rarely feels comfortable at first. Some of my most life-changing experiences have taken place in March and although luck may or may not have been a factor, being prepared when the opportunity presented itself most certainly was, in every situation.

A part of me always cringes when March comes along because often I would rather hibernate  like a bear in a cozy cave than have to face change. However, I usually choose to move forward. There are things, which I shall never be able to control- my friend/former boyfriend taking his life six years ago, for example. But I know that if I don’t let go of what I cannot control, I shall never be able to open up my heart and my mind to new opportunities for love, learning and life as they present themselves.

So, I am going to choose to prepare myself for fortunate opportunities this month.

I hope that you choose to do the same.