January 2014 Inspirational Person of the Month ~ Carrie Bernstein Lewis

January 2014 Inspirational Person of the Month

Carrie Bernstein Lewis


The inspirational person of January is Margaret’s cousin, Carrie Bernstein Lewis. Margaret and her son Julian, had the opportunity to recently visit Carrie who resides with her husband, Matthew and two sons, Sammy and Max, in the suburbs of  Minneapolis, Minnesota. Carrie, who works as a Case Manager Specialist (health coach) at Cigna, continually inspires Margaret on how she is able to balance her responsibilities as a full time career woman and as a devoted mother of two young children. No matter how tired or busy she is, she always manages to have time to dedicate to her family and has seamlessly mastered the art of remaining cheerful in even the most trying of situations.

When Carrie and Margaret both lived in the San Francisco Bay Area,in the 1990’s, they had the good fortune of being able to spend quality time with one another. In fact, Carrie, who was studying physical therapy at the time at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), was quite instrumental in Julian’s life when he was an infant and toddler. The cousins share many happy memories together of outings throughout Marin County, California and times with their extended family in Brooklyn. They share an appreciation of England as Carrie had the opportunity to study abroad for two semesters in Brighton, East Sussex while she was an undergraduate student at Rutger University.

Margaret is inspired by Carrie on not only what she is able to accomplish, but also by her kindness, thoughtfulness and caring towards others.