Inspirational Place the Month of October-Winchelsea, East Sussex, England

Nestled in the county of East Sussex, England lies the quiet and quaint town of Winchelsea. One of the original Cinque Ports, Winchelsea is a small historic village dating back to the time of William the Conquerer. Standing on a hill overlooking the English Channel, the town still shows signs from Medieval Times including the old church and the stone gates at three corners of Winchelesa. The history and charm of Winchelsea is rich and has inspired many authors, poets and painters who have lived and visited there including Joseph Conrad, William Makspeace Thackeray, John Everett Millais, and Beatrix Potter of Peter Rabbit fame. Katherine Forbes Dunlop, Margaret’s Great Aunt who resided in Winchelsea, wrote her recollections of the town in her book “Winchelsea Memories”.  The beauty of its ageless charm, old houses and floral gardens continue to inspire Margaret’s music.
Winchelsea is definitely worth a visit if you are planning a trip to the United Kingdom. If you go, please visit the Winchelsea Farm Kitchen ( on High Street, which also sells books and souvenirs. Tours of Medieval cellars of Winchelsea take place regularly throughout the year and are of interest. In addition, a visit to Winchelsea beach and a walk through one of the many public footpaths dotting the outlaying pastures are in order. Winchelsea can be reached by taking the public rail to nearby Rye and then a short ride on the number 100 bus, which leaves Rye train station every hour on weekdays. For more information, please visit