Inspirational People of December

Inspirational People of December:

Amy Gong

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Amy Gong is the Director of Art and Design for the SAFE through the arts program where she has been responsible for the re-design of the sixteen puppet characters for the SAFE through the arts program as well as the art work for the “Songs from SAFE through the arts” CD and the SAFE through the arts student handbook. She is currently  a sophomore at Rutgers University where she is an art and psychology double major with a minor in business administration.

Kristen Amrhein

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Kristen Amrhein has been the Director of Licensing and Marketing Intern at Growing Azalea Music since March where she has been responsible for the release of “Songs from
SAFE through the arts” as well as managing the licensing catalogue. She is a currently junior English Major at Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York where she minors in Music and Business Administration.


Emilee Namer

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Emilee Namer is the Assistant Director of Program and Development at Azalea Blossom where she oversees the website and social media accounts.  She is currently a last semester senior at University at Albany where she is an English major with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in Business Administration.

Faith Ahmed

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Faith Ahmed is a senior at Hunter College where she is a Media and Film Studies major and an Arabic minor. During the summer, she worked as the Intern Director of Social Media and Marketing. Ms. Ahmed can also be heard as the voice of Lucinda and Melinda Mouse on “Songs from SAFE through the arts”.

Tyler Stankelis 

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Tyler is the intern Director of Marketing and Promotion atGrowing Azalea Music where he has been busy promoting the “Songs from SAFE through the arts” CD on social media sites as well as overseeing the holiday sale campaign. He is a senior at Oneonta State and studies the Music Industry coupled with Business Communication.