Inner Growth

I hope that you are enjoying a summer of sunshine and growth!

As I look at the beautiful flowers blooming and the zucchini and kale bursting forth in my garden this summer, I cannot help but contemplate growth and the ways we continually grow and change. This summer, I have been paying particular attention to inner growth. I am realizing that in oder for situations in our lives to change (whether it be in the realm of career, family or love) we have to change our perspectives within us and be able and willing to grow and change. Although not always easy to do, I am finding inner change to be liberating once I’m ready to embrace it.

A series of world and personal events occurred this past year, which instigated a change of attitude in myself. I saw the great need for me to be open to new situations presenting themselves in my life. What I realized was that in order for me to be fully present and able to give love and nurturing to others, I needed to rise to the occasion of being becoming truly whole. For me, this meant giving up all the little things that bring me down or make me feel less than who I am. I caught myself noticing the many ways throughout the day in which I do not always honor myself. In the past, I have let someone else’s negativity or issues affect me or I have got caught up in feelings of hurt and deprivation. I know now that I have the ability to rise above all of this.

Recently, I was feeling particularly stuck internally. I was participating in my membership work at the Honest Weight food co-op when I noticed that the cart I was using to transfer beverages to the cooler was not moving. It was as stuck as I felt. Fortunately, someone more objective that I was feeling at the time noticed a nail in one of the cart’s front tires. As soon as the nail was removed, the cart was able to proceed. I think that sometimes life is like that. We just need to remove the one thing that is keeping us stuck in our thought patterns in order to proceed in our lives.

As the summer continues to unfold with beautiful intricate patterns and I anticipate the blooming of the sunflowers in our garden, I feel hopeful and positive of the changes and growth that lies ahead for me. Confident that I shall be able to meet all the challenges that have been placed in my path in order to continue to bloom and grow and love to my fullest potential.