Earth Day Blog (2014) – 30 ways to help conserve the Earth!

To celebrate Earth Day this month, try one of thirty different ways in which we can help protect our planet. Better yet, try a different idea every day! Please let me know if you have any additional great ideas, which you would like to share.

1. Recycle cans, bottles, and newspaper whenever possible.
2. Use paper products made from recycled paper.
3. When dining out, ask that leftovers be placed in a reusable or recyclable container (ie – plastic or aluminum-NOT styrofoam).
4. Car pool whenever possible.
5. Choose public transportation instead of driving, when feasible.
6. Walk or bicycle instead of driving, when possible.
7. Compost food waste.
8. Replace old lightbulbs with energy efficient lightbulbs.
9. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins whenever possible.
10. Use ceramic coffee mugs instead of disposable mugs, when applicable.
11. Have water faucets checked for potential leaks.
12. Be sure to turn off lights when not in use.
13. When traveling by air, ask for the whole can of soda instead of having it poured into a disposable plastic cup.
14. Please be sure to place garbage into bins as to help reduce litter and pick up any litter that you see in the neighborhood.
15. Eat local organic produce, whenever possible.
16. When drinking a glass of water, use any water, which you have not drunk, to water a plant.
17. Choose energy efficient gasoline when driving automobiles.
18. Cover windows in the wintertime with plastic in order to keep the heat inside the house.
19. Carry your own re-usable water bottle.
20. Bring cloth bags with you to the store when shopping for groceries.
21. Ask your local grocery store if you can return egg cartons and milk bottles for future use.
22. When shopping for clothes, choose natural fabrics (cotton, wool etc) over items using materials, which have been synthetically produced.
23. Patronize your locally-owned independent businesses whenever possible.
24. Plant a tree in your backyard or in your local community.
25. Consider taking shorter showers.
26. Hang your clothes to dry.
27. Return old metal coat hangers to the dry cleaners who will be able to reuse them.
28. Instead of putting your computer in sleep mode, turn it off  at night to save energy.
29. Use a charger in order to recharge old batteries.
30. Make gifts out of materials, which would otherwise be discarded. Socks make great sock puppets for kids and old kitchen utensils can be turned into mobiles! Also, old tea kettles can be turned into flower planters. Be creative, have fun and think outside of the box!