Change in Directions

Everywhere I look, changes are taking place in people’s lives-relationships are changing, friendships are changing, careers and places of residence are changing. We look to our closest friends, our holiday traditions, and even our family vacations as some stability in our lives, some reassurance that some things will always remain the same. But how can anything remain exactly as it was when everything around us is in a state of constant change? We learned from Hurricane Irene last year that even the roads on which we traverse can change. This is a metaphor for our lives.

Yet, as our paths change in directions we could not have anticipated, we can find peace in acceptance. We could choose to be upset or even to blame others for the changes. However, I am beginning to realize that there is no reason to feel angry when we embrace different paths. One morning, you wake up and realize that the same places that used to make you feel connected and calm no longer serve you. You realize that your friends from the past no longer understand you, that you lead different lives, each with its own responsibilities, challenges and rewards.

We could sit around and feel sad about the changes that are occurring or instead choose to look back at the wonderful gifts that we have had through our friendships, jobs, and homes that may not be currently a part of our lives. I know that I feel most humbled and grateful for everyone who has ever been an integral part of my life for all the memories we have shared, the ways in which I have been inspired, and most of all, for the lessons I learned, which have helped me to grow to be a better, wiser and more fulfilled and compassionate person. The relationships with people and places in my life may change and evolve, but the love and appreciation that I feel towards them will always remain in my heart. If this is part of the process of Acceptance, for this I am also grateful for it is a beautiful blessing.

May you all have abundantly blessed lives. Thank you for being a part of my circle!