Azalea Blossom March 2017 Newsletter

Happy Azaleation Day!

Falling on the same day as International Women’s Day, March 8th is Azaleation Day, the day on which at Azalea Blossom, Incorporated celebrate our unique selves. We invite you to also celebrate your beautiful uniqueness on this day and every day and fill your day with self-appreciation and love.

Generosity Campaign

Azalea Blossom has just launched a new campaign on Generosity to fundraise for the manufacturing of the sixteen puppet characters who are an integral part of the SAFE through the Arts program. These puppets teach lessons based upon the three key components while embracing diversity and we need your help to bring them to life! Donors of the SAFE through the Arts puppet project will receive a personalized thank you letter and other gifts such as t-shirts, song downloads, CDs, and an invitation to the donor party! Thank you for your part in bringing bullying prevention education into our schools. For more information about the campaign:

News from the SAFE through the Arts program

We are eagerly anticipating bringing the SAFE through the arts program back to PreK and kindergarten classrooms later this spring! Former Azalea Blossom intern Amy Gong has been hard at work on designing the student and teachers handbooks for the program.

Meet Azalea Blossom’s New Interns!

The first day for our new spring interns Natalia Lewitinn, Alyssa Budke, and Taj Marable was Friday, February 10th, 2017. We had a great experience all together in the office with Kristen and Margaret doing a few team-building activities. We discussed our roles as well as laid out some goals for the semester. These efforts will mainly be shown on social media so make sure to follow all of our Twitter and Instagram accounts. Please stay tuned and follow their journey! Read more about Natalia, Alyssa, and Taj and their accomplishments to Azalea Blossom, SAFE through the arts, and Bricks in the Wall

Bricks in the Wall Project Update

Our Bricks in the Wall Project has been making great strides to send out our message through several social media platforms! We have now created a YouTube account for Azalea Blossom, where you can find our inspirational music video. We have also created a Facebook page for Azalea Blossom, where Bricks in the Wall posts regularly. On top of those two platforms, we also have two additional specific handles for the project. Find them on Instagram, @BricksintheWallProject, and Twitter @BricksintheWallProject. We are excited to celebrate International Women’s Day and Azaleation Day both on March 8th! We celebrate this day to recognize the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Women are strong, amazing individuals who do not deserve the disrespect of domestic abuse. Bricks in the Wall is looking forward to sending out their message of awareness on a very influential day.

“Songs from SAFE through the Arts” available on CD Baby

Art is a powerful vehicle for social change and music is an especially effective tool in engaging young children in the process of learning. Because of this fact, we have recorded nine original empowering songs, which, along with the puppets skits, are now an integral part of the program. The CD of songs, “Songs from SAFE through the arts” is not only being used as a tool of positive reinforcement by the classroom teacher after conclusion of the seven-week program but is also being sold to the general public on CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes. All proceeds from the sales of the album directly benefit the SAFE through the arts program. Thanks to Kristen Amrhein for her work overseeing the recording legalities.

Featured Volunteer of the Month

In honor of International Womens Day, the featured volunteer of the month is Azalea Blossoms founder, Margaret Jean Bernstein. Ms. Bernstein has spent literally hundreds of volunteer hours in the last few years working on getting arts based bullying prevention education into urban diversely-populated public schools. Initially, Ms. Bernstein established Azalea Blossom, Inc. as the non-profit 501c3 sister organization to her music publishing company, Growing Azalea Music in order to facilitate musical projects aimed at Social Awareness. Ms. Bernstein is also an award-winning singer-songwriter, composer, and flutist internationally known for her Socially Awakened Songs and Uplifting Instrumental compositions in addition to being a dually certified educator in New York State.

A graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music (BM, flute performance) and Arizona State University (MM, flute performance), Ms. Bernstein’s recording credits include four solo albums released on her Growing Azalea Music record label. She is also the songwriter for all of the songs on the “Songs from SAFE through the arts” CD. Two decades of experience as a classroom music teacher in rural and urban communities in California and New York State coupled with close encounters with domestic violence lead her to create the SAFE through the Arts bullying prevention program in 2007. A voting member of the Recording Academy, she is the founder of the Youth Sahavas, an annual retreat for teenagers held in South Carolina. To read her full bio, please visit www.

To read the blog on her adventures, please visit

Follow us on all of our new Social Media accounts

We have been working very hard to bring everything Azalea Blossom to social media. This had lead to the creation of many new accounts in addition to our old ones. On Twitter, we can be found at @azalea_blossom7, @BricksInTheWall, and @SAFEThroughArts. On Instagram, we can be found at @safethroughthearts and @bricksinthewallproject. We also have a new YouTube channel that we are very proud of! On it, you can find the music video for Bricks in the Wall and the SAFE through the Arts promotional video.

In addition to these accounts, we are also on SoundCloud!

Lastly, we can be found on Facebook, under the names of SAFE through the Arts and Azalea Blossom! Please be sure to “like” and/or follow us on any of these medias if you have an account.

Quote of the Month

“All else may fail, love never fails.” -Meher Baba.

With best wishes and gratitude,
Margaret Jean Bernstein Founder and Program Director
Azalea Blossom, Incorporated/SAFE through the Arts

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