Arizona Adventure (Day Two)

I had been told that the sunrise over the Grand Canyon was not to be missed, so I woke up early on Wednesday morning so I would be able to be at the rim in time for the 5: 51 am show. After a roughly two mile hike to the Bright Angel Lodge, I was there witnessing the golden rays of sun slowly rising above the spectacular rocky cavernous formation known as the Grand Canyon. I played flute in the frigid cold air to help welcome the occasion.

After breakfast at the cafeteria by our lodge and a brief stop to the general store in the Market Place, which we bought food for a picnic, Julian and I prepared for our hike along the Canyon. We began by boarding the free shuttle bus to the end of the red line, which was a vista known as Hermit’s Rest. From there, we began our 7.8 mile hike along the rim back to Bright Angel Vista. The sun was shining during the entire duration of our four and a half hour expedition, which included a rest for lunch and a few shorter stops for water breaks. The views were always amazing yet different as we hiked along the rim. At times, the Salt and Colorado Rivers were clear in view at the bottom of the Canyon. Sometimes our path, which was bordered by Ponderosa and Pinyon trees, was paved and sometimes we trekked through precipitous and slightly precarious unpaved dirt paths overlooking the trail. After stopping at several vista stops along the way, each with a breathtaking view of the Canyon, we finally arrived at Bright Angel at which point we took the shuttle back to the Market Plaza where our lodge was located.

Our intention was to eat dinner, watch the sun set over the rim of the Canyon and then take part in a ranger-guided full moon cemetery hike by the Chapel of the Ages near our lodge. However, upon eating dinner at the Bright Angel room, we boarded a shuttle bus operated by a brand new bus driver who accidentally forgot to stop at the Chapel as well as the Market Plaza, so by the time we caught the next bus back from the Visitor’s Center and made it back to our lodge, it was too late to go on the hike. Besides, we were both pretty tired from a full day of hiking the rim trail of the Grand Canyon!