Arizona Adventure (Day Three)

On Thursday morning, we checked out of our lodge and drove to the Bright Angel Lodge to purchase a few souvenirs as well as obtain a final glance of the Grand Canyon. Then headed out to Sedona along Highway 64. We drove through three National Forests- Kaibab, Prescott and Coconino- before reaching the famed Slide Park State Park just outside the Sedona city limits. Here we stopped for a refreshing jump down the natural water slide in brisk 50 degree water temperatures. Julian took one ride down the rocky slide to decide that he would rather be resting on the warm red rock bank of the stream whereas I bravely floated down the water slide on three occasions. None the less, we both enjoyed our visit to Slide Rock.

After getting a late lunch at the Oaxaca Mexican Restaurant’s covered patio, which overlooked the main street of Sedona and the Red Rock cliffs in the distance, Julian and I headed towards the nearby town of Oak Creek to check into our hotel. It was not long before we were back in our hiking in quest of the vortex at nearby Bell Rock. Julian was in awe as we walked along the stupendous red rock formations of Bell Rock and adjacent Court House Rock. A few desert flowers bloomed along the path although Oak Creek itself was dry.

We followed the spiral path up towards what we thought was the vortex of the Rock, this particular vortex being said to be the most spiritually powerful of Sedona’s four vortexes being known to possess energetic charges of feminine qualities such as patience and kindness, male attributes of leadership and confidence, and balance between this two aspects. While Julian climbed the somewhat treacherous path up to the peak of Bell Rock, I preferred to sit on a flat red rock absorbing the powerful energy while playing flute. A man and his three year old daughter, lured to my flute playing, explained to me that the best way to find the actual vortex was to find a circle of trees in which the trunks  were growing spirally. (I had seen some such trees at the Grand Canyon). Apparently, the vortex lay in the center of the circle. Whether or not we consciously found the vortex or not, we knew that we had discovered something very special. We walked back down the Bell Rock path together in the light of dusk.