“A Different Perspective on Mother’s Day”

This is the time of year in which many people are celebrating their mothers and motherhood in general. This is generally a happy occasion for me; especially this year as I have the opportunity to celebrate with my son and my mother who has recently moved near us. However, I am sensitive to the fact that this is not such a joyous time for some. If you have had an abusive or neglectful mother, or if your mother left your life when you were young, you may be having a difficult time this time of year. If you are a mother who lost a child or the widower of a devoted mother to your children, you may also be having a rough time. I would like to reach out and offer my support while lovingly proposing a different perspective.

Another beautiful celebration that occurs during the month of May is May Day, which is essentially the celebration of the beauty that is yielded from our planet, which many refer to as our Mother Earth. Regardless of the continent and country in which we live, Earth is the home which sustains us and nurtures us. The reason that Earth is referred to as Mother is simply because mothers have the ability to be compassionate and nurturing to others. All of us, regardless of our gender, have the innate ability whether or not we identify with the role of mother. Each of us has the unique ability to bring beauty into another person’s life, just as a May Basket of flowers can brighten and lighten up another person’s day. We also have the ability to nurture and bring beauty into our own lives.

So if this day has brought you grief in the past, please find a new way to celebrate it. Let it be about the beauty and compassion within you. Find something wonderful about the day – the sun shining on the flowers, the birds singing in the back yard, the new puppies born at the neighbor’s house – and celebrate it! Make it into a day to splurge on your favorite double scoop of ice cream, or a day to go climb trees. Go fly a kite, bake brownies, or go to a movie and order an oversized bag of popcorn so that you can share it with everyone in your row. Color with crayons. Blow bubbles. Laugh out loud until you are pink in the face. Most of all, please remember to notice the beauty blooming all around you and to take a moment out to appreciate the mothering, compassionate being inside yourself, the same nurturing quality that is in each of us.

I hope that you enjoyed your celebration and that you enjoyed a day filled with love!