Dads and Grads!

I hope that you are all enjoying the beginnings of summer!

June is typically the month in which we turn our thoughts to Dads and Grads. In anticipation of writing this letter, I have been thinking about what fathers have in common with recent high school and college graduates. Actually, as it turns out, there is a similar theme between both groups.

Both Dads and Grads are expected to be leaders. They both have been silently endowed with a certain set of expectations that they will succeed regardless of the obstacles or circumstances, which life hands them. Both are expected to juggle numerous responsibilities, which they must handle with the utmost confidence and grace. Furthermore, they are expected to be strong, focused and nothing less than flawless.

That is all fine except that Dads and Grads, like the rest of us, are human. Life and the job market are both unstable and unpredictable right now and many unexpected curve balls are often thrown in our paths. As a result, leaders are often not only unable to meet other people’s expectations but also unable to meet their own expectations of themselves. So please hug a Dad or Grad this month and instead of focusing on their shortcomings or what still needs to be done, please thank them and celebrate them for all they have accomplished and more importantly, for all who they are and who they have become.

With all best wishes for ALL of your life’s celebrations…