Valentine’s = Love

Happy Valentine’s Month!

Okay, I know that some of you reading this may not want to have anything to do with Valentine’s Day this year. All those candy hearts, cards and cute teddy bears in the shop windows are making you feel sick. I know that many of you have just broken up with a significant other and the last thing you need is reminders of the love that you are not feeling present in your life right now.
Did I say Love? Oh yeah, Love. I love Love LOVE Valentine’s day and month because it is the perfect opportunity for me to show people whom I love how special they are to me! To me, Valentine’s Day has never been about romance. I have fond memories of my childhood Valentine’s Days. For eight years, my friends Carrie, Lauris, and I would host a party for all the neighborhood children who would come in their fancy frilly red and pink attire with their handmade valentines in their hands. We would play excellent games (pin the arrow on the heart, for example), present a puppet show, eat heart-shaped cookies and cupcakes with homemade peppermint ice cream made from the leftover candy canes. At the end of the party, children would take turns delivering the beautiful handmade creations, which were put into a specially decorated “Valentine” box.
Then there are the memories from Mrs. Lombardi’s class at the Waldorf School where each of us would bake a special Valentine treat for the person whose name we pulled out of a hat. One year Jon Blumenthal pulled my name and baked me a gigantic chocolate cookie vaguely resembling the shape of a heart. He was so proud of himself because it was the first attempt he had ever made at baking anything. I will always remember that.
And of course I shall never forget when my high school boyfriend, Herbie, ran by my house “on his way home” with a vegetarian casserole, which he made the night before with “I love you” written in noodles on the top.
Every year, I ecstatically walk through city streets viewing the bright shiny red hearts in the windows because they remind me to keep my heart open to Love. The roses remind me of how sweet the scent of Love is in all of our hearts, which keeps on growing when we let it. The Valentine’s Day cards in the shop windows remind me of all the special memories I had of Valentine’s Day when no one was worried about romantic dinners or expensive jewelry.
Today, Valentine’s Day for me is about the look of awe on the faces of the seniors in Catksill when I gave them each a heart-shaped sticker to wear on their sweaters; the joy I see when a child draws me a picture of a lady playing the flute with a big heart around it; and the love I feel when I pour my heart out over making hand made cards for family members and friends.
I am so grateful that, for me, Valentine’s month has always been about Love, loving one another, opening one’s heart to the Universe’s great abundance of Love. So, isn’t Love the most important thing there is anyway?

Wishing you days filled with Love always…