December 2013 Inspirational People of the Month

This month, seven of Margaret’s fellow Grammy members, all of whom were recently up for Grammy nomination considerations in the 56th annual Grammy awards, are being featured as Margaret’s inspirational people of the month. Each of them are well worthy of earning a Grammy and in fact, several have already won nominations in previous years! Their music is all available for purchase and would brighten up anyone’s holiday. What more, they are all fantastic people whom have graced Margaret’s circle.  Here they are…….

Al Conti

Al is certainly no stranger to any New Age music connoisseur. His CD, “Northern Seas” , won himself a Grammy nomination for best New Age Album in 2011. Al’s most recent CD, The Blue Rose is exceptional not only for its artistry and superb musicianship, but also for the compositions itself, which re-tell a beautiful tale.



Linda Chorney

In 2011, award-winning singer-songwriter Linda Chorney was the first truly independent Artist to win herself a Grammy nomination (for “Emotional “Jukebox”) in the Americana category without the aid of a manager or publicist. Her tenacity and dedication to her craft is commendable. Her most recent endeavor is a book, “Who the F**k is Linda Chorney”, which is available for purchase from her website store. Linda’s beautifully lyrical and moving song “When I sing” was considered for a Grammy nomination for the 56th Grammy awards.


Aoede (AKA Lisa Sniderman)

Aoede is a talented singer-songwriter and quirky folk pop and musical stories recording artist hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. “What Are Dreams Made Of?”, her most recent children’s CD, not only was considered for a nomination in the 56th Grammy awards but also received five Children’s Music awards as well as an endorsement from KidsFirst. Aoede’s previous release, “Is Love A Fairy Tale?” was the recipient of four children’s music awards including LA Music Awards Children’s Album of The Year. Aoede seeks to continually be inspired as well as to inspire others.


Kevin Lucas

As depicted in his Apocalypse music video, Kevin’s powerful percussion music will continue to be even if the whole world falls apart. Hailing from the midwest, Kevin is an award winning drummer and percussionist. His most recent album, “Revelations”, which was considered for a nomination for the 56th Grammy awards, embraces a variety of percussion styles and genres including jazz, rock,  world, new age, pop, celtic and classical.


 Mimi Fox

Jazz guitarist extraodonaire, Mimi Fox, is no stranger to Margaret’s music fans! Mimi and Margaret first performed together in the early 1990’s when the two played in the pit orchestra for the legendary “Nutcracker Sweetie” (Oakland, California’s Dance Brigade’s socially and politically correct version of the classic ballet). Mimi graced Margaret’s song “Breaking Through” on her “On the Threshold of Change” CD with her exquisite virtuoso guitar playing. Mimi, who is an International Touring Artist, has performed with legend Stevie Wonder as well as with some of Jazz’s most commanding players including Charlie Byrd, Stanley Jordan, Branford Marsalis and David Sanchez among others. An award-winning performer, composer and music educator, Mimi’s most recent CD, “Standards Old and New” was considered for a nomination in the 56th Grammy awards.


Gregg Kallor

Margaret first encountered Gregg at Lincoln Center while Gregg was playing a piano outside the Koch Theater at Lincoln Center as part of his music video, “Broken Sentences”. This stunning music video, along with his most recent CD. “A Single Noon”, which features Gregg’s own artful solo piano compositions, was considered for a nomination in the 56th Grammy awards. A past recipient of the Aaron Copland Award for composition, Gregg resides in New York City where he is actively engaged in composing and performing.


Dave Kinnoin

Margaret first met California resident Dave Kinnoin (who is almost as well known for his homemade chocolate chip cookies and love of dogs as he is for his world famous children’s songs!) at an ASACP EXPO conference in Los Angeles in 2009. In addition to his several dozen songs written for Disney, the Muppets, and Sesame Workshop, Dave is a seasoned performer, a Recording Artist on his own “Song Wizard” label, and an Arts Educator with “Character Counts”, an educational not for profit organization. His most recent children’s music CD, “The Best in Me”, was considered for a nomination in the 56th Grammy Awards. In addition, Dave is a recipient of the prestigious “Parent’s Choice Gold Award” among many other awards and honors.